The newly renovated Topanga Nursery, formerly Chatsworth Nursery, is the place to find a wide selection of plants for any indoor or outdoor garden space, no matter how big or how small. Whether you are looking for tropical indoor plants, hedge plants, fruit trees, pollinator-attracting flowers, herbs, vegetables, roses or succulents, you are guaranteed to be impressed with the variety and health of our plants. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is on hand 7 days a week to answer all your gardening questions. Your satisfaction is important to us. We value your business and we’re confident that once you shop with us, you will be back again and again.


Just in time for Spring, we will have a wonderful line of vegetable seeds and seedlings including heirloom varieties with companion flowers and herbs and accompanying soils, amendments and fertilizers and felt pots. Check our social media feeds and calendar for workshop dates starting mid-March 2020.


Our indoor plant area is a popular stop! We always have a beautiful rotating inventory including Ficus lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig), Sansevieria trifasciata (Mother-in-Law Tongue or Snake Plant), Senecio rowleyanus (String-of-Pearls), Dracaena (Corn Plant), Pachira Aquatica (Money Tree), a diverse line of Peperomia plants and just in the popular Pilea or Chinese Money Plant. We also have gorgeous ceramic pots and decor for your indoor/outdoor living areas.


Trees can create the perfect natural privacy fence for an outdoor space. A privacy hedge helps to reduce outside noise and acts as a natural wind break. In addition to providing shade and privacy, having a privacy hedge can also add value to a home. Evergreen trees and shrubs are best for providing all-year coverage. Topanga Nursery has many hedge-type plants to choose from. The Wax Leaf Privet grows from 8-10 feet tall, so it provides sufficient privacy. It is a popular choice because it does well in a compact space, is easy to care for, and has fragrant flowers that bloom in spring. The deep green Ficus Benajamina can be seen throughout Southern California and is widely used as a privacy screen. Ficus are fast growing but require substantial watering until well established. Ficus should not be planted too close to concrete pathways or sidewalks as their roots grow close to the surface. Podocarpus is another fast-growing tree that does well in full sun and needs little water. It can grow 50-100 feet, making it the tallest of the hedge plants available at Topanga Nursery. Come visit us and check out our selection of these plants as well as many others. We are open daily from 8:30-5pm for your convenience.


Succulents come in all shapes, sizes and colors and are extremely popular because they are easy to care for and require little water. Many people throughout Southern California are transforming their yards with drought tolerant plants and including more succulents in their landscapes. At Topanga Nursery, we carry many succulents including Echeverias, Aloes, and Agaves. All these plants come in a variety of colors and sizes and most thrive in less than ideal soil conditions. Succulents are versatile plants and can be used in a variety of ways They make great additions to containers, garden beds, and rock gardens. Stop by and we can help you choose the right succulents for your planting projects.


We have fruit trees in all sizes: 5-gallon, 15-gallon and 24-inch box. We also have cocktail citrus trees. These amazing trees are grafted with several different varieties so you can have Bearss Lime, Pink Lemonade Lemons and Meyer Lemons on the same tree! We have orange varieties in cocktail trees as well.