Indoor Plants Now Available at Topanga Nursery


Improve the look of your indoor space with indoor plants from Topanga Nursery. Indoor plants are an easy, affordable way to decorate. They also require minimal care, usually watering once a week is sufficient.  Here are some of the indoor plants currently available at Topanga Nursery:

Peace Lilly


Peace Lilly –  (spathiphyllum) is a flowering plant that makes a nice addition to any indoor space.  Provide natural night and regular watering, and watch your flowers grow!



Anthurium – This tropical plants thrives in high humidity.  So, a bathroom location may be an optimal location. It can also be misted periodically to keep it happy and thriving. It’s beautiful red or white flowers are a pleasing accent to any indoor space.



Pothos – is one of the most hardy and easy to care for plants. It’s the perfect houseplant for beginners because it requires little attention and can survive even in the most neglectful situations.

Stop by Topanga Nursery, located in Chatsworth, to see all the indoor plants available. The nursery is just off the 118 freeway and open daily from 8:30 – 5:00pm.

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